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A harmonious blend of materials and colors fade in the vegetation of a beautiful park, this is how we can define the Shambala Lodge, a hotel residence which is both the authentic and elegant side.



Beyond a hotel site the Shambala Lodge is a space of peace and well being. We offer a range of treatments and practices, such as massages or yoga classes, to make your stay a real moment of rest and relaxation .



It is inside the Shambala Lodge that you will start your immersion in the intense nature of Guadeloupe! A garden of great finesse and diversity, in the image of a lush and soothing tropical flora.



Located less than two minutes away from the beautiful beach of the Portes d’Enfer and the famous surf spot of Anse Salabouelle, the Shambala is the ideal place to enjoy the island, formerly called “the island of beautiful waters “.

Shambala : « Peaceful place of happiness » Mythe Hindo – Bouddhiste



The Shambala Lodge is a hotel residence located in le Moule, Guadeloupe. Consisting of five bungalows all comforts, a beautiful pool and pool house, it is the perfect place for holiday  under the caribbean sun. Halfway between a hotel and a touristic rent, the Shambala Lodge is the perfect compromise for those who want both service and independence… [Read more]

The Shambala Lodge is a project co-funded by the European Union

through the Fond Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER).